When the King calls, everything else seems to disappear.

Sulayman Van Ael

I am well aware that my Lord will be calling me any moment now. Ya Allah, I have to be ready. When He calls, I do not want to be late. I have to get myself ready. I wash myself, put on some perfume and my best clothes. Please don’t talk to me now, I am about to meet the Lord of the Universe.

I am ready, but what will He think of me. He calls me. I am so nervous and exited at the same time. While I am walking towards the King, I think about His blessings and my lack of gratitude. He asked me to do numerous things, but I fell short. How bad of an employee am I indeed. People that pass me in the street seem to notice my anxiety. They must be thinking that one of my family members died, or that I just lost my job. I know better … I will be standing in front of the Shaper very soon!

End part 1, Inner dimensions of prayer,

Sulayman Van Ael

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Sulayman Van Ael

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Sulayman Van Ael

Sulayman converted to Islam when he was 18. He then head out for Sudan to memorize the Quran. He has been authorised to teach and pass on the 14 Quranic recitations (qira'at), he studied in many different countries with with more than 50 different mashayikh. He was appointed as a khadim and mua'zzin with the task of imam and Khateeb by the Ministry of Islamic affairs of Jordan. He was a lecturer at the Rotterdam University, Erasmus High school and was appointed as the head of Teachers by the Muslim Executive. He has his Bachelor in theology, and Pre-Master (theory) in mental health, and is a Muslim Chaplain at London school of Economics, Imperial University and SOAS University.

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