We believe that every soul has been given the opportunity to establish a transmundane connection with the most High. This is the most majestic of all aspirtations. This connection is the tranquility of every heart and furthermore the only true source of rejoicment for everlasting souls. 

We want to be your companion in this very personal journey. We would like you to allow us to strengthen your back and take you by the hand through this unseen world. We want to be your guide to the summit of your existence, the pinnacle of every being.

We will be your ark, promissing that if – you decide – to embark, that we will sail the oceans of knowledge to get you there. Transformative knowledge in the light of our ta’alluq-takhalluq-methodology (Being attached to God with your heart, mind and soul, and acting upon these insights.

It is all about creating awareness and lifting you to deep insights, pure wisdom and Divine enlightenment.

We know how difficult it is to create your own path. So many obstacles on your way to your beloved One, al-Wadud; Allah. Multiple challenges, almost no one to remind you of your cause, your reason of existence. Numerous reminders that just don’t seem to be sufficients to create an ongoing process resulting in you getting there where you dreamt of since you heard of getting connected to the One.

After consulting numerous of outstanding scholars and the prayer of consultation we found the courage to put decades of knowledge, teaching and reflection on paper. Created for people just like you, wanting more than just skimming the surface, the artificial, the superficial.

Once you embark on the Ark, you will be sailing many oceans until you get to the island of nearness, there were almost no man or woman ever set foot. There where souls rejoice as they were reunited with their Maker, their Shaper, their God.

Scents of Faith

The six pillars of faith are the very core of our belief, they are – when read correctly – THE TRANSFORMERS. They have an impact on your being, on the way you think, behave and perceive life. We disagree with anyone who claims them to be no more than superficial elements that require no more than an intellectual effort; understanding, memorising and teaching. We believe firmly that every Divine name, and every single angel or Prophet that was mentioned in the Quran or the Sunna had the noble goal of connecting one to God, Allah. In scents of faith we look at how the pillars of faith can be as transformative as we claim them to be.

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