If the privilege of meeting the King five times a day does not make you happy, then you are ignorant of the essence of prayer.

Sulayman Van Ael

Imam Ibn Hibban said that Isma’iel Ibn Dawoed Ibn Wardan told him that ‘Iesa bin Hammad said dat Layth narrated that ‘Ajlan said:

‘Ala ibn ‘Abdurrahman told me that he went to visit Anas Ibn Malik together with a friend of his after Dohr-prayer. When we arrived he asked us if we had prayed ‘Asr. We said: “Not yet.” He answered: “Let us pray.” (They prayed separately) ‘Ala says: “When we finished praying, he was not finished yet, and it took a long time for him to finish his prayers. Then he narrated the following hadeeth – and this was the first hadeeth he narrated -: “The Messenger (sas) said:

“This is the description of the prayer of the munafiq: He delays prayer until the sun sets between the horns of Shaytan, then he rises to pray four units in which he does not remember Allah but a little.”

(Saheeh Ibn Hibban: 259)


What we understand from this hadeeth:

  • The benefit of visiting pious scholars, they remind you of what really matters
  • Anas invited towards knowledge after bringing it into practice
  • The importance of prayer, the first hadeeth he narrated was about prayer
  • The munafiq delays prayer because he does not like to pray, he prays because he has to
  • Praying quickly will lead to lack of concentration during prayer
  • The munafiq does not remember Allah a lot in prayer

Sulayman Van Ael


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Sulayman Van Ael

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