Divine Connections

July 4, 2018

Knowledge of the One we worship. Revisiting the Quranic verses. Understanding the philosophy behind prayers.

A new course by Imam Van Ael explores the inner dimensions of worship, transformation of the soul and sculpturing of the heart through Islamic devotions. Learn how to get rid of excessive thoughts, overthinking and all outward and inward obstacles that’s distancing you from attaining your Higher Purpose by mastering the Art of Praying.

A thought to get you started…

Imagine yourself living in a country ruled by a rich, kind and generous King. He never breaks his promise and encourages his subjects to ask him anything they like. He does this every day, not once but multiple times. He even invites people in the midst of the night: “Whoever asks me something now, he will be given and granted.” He allows his subjects to talk to Him whenever they like. He has no bodyguards in front of the door. He will be there whererever you want to talk to him. You can even address him when you lay down on the ground, or when you stand or sit. He does not just listen to those who have lived by his word, but also to the ones who have broken it. You don’t have to give any gifts, nor do you have to bribe him. Verily, he is your Lord!

Our God, Allah, is our King. He is the Master and the Ruler of the Universe and He wants us to submit to Him in prayer. Not because He is in need of it, but rather because we are in need of His divine mercy.

A Story that inspired me to write this course.

I read that Anas ibn Malik would burst out in tears when he spoke about Tustur or whenever Tustur was mentioned in his presence. The battle of Tustur was a very fierce one, and was one of the greatest Muslim victories at that time, Persia became Muslim. But why then, you might ask yourself, was Anas crying? Well, on that day 30,000 Muslims fought against 150,000 Persians, and the battle ended right after the morning prayer. This was the only time Anas had missed his Fajr prayer. After the battle the Muslims screamed: “We have conquered Tustur! We have conquered Tustur!!” Anas replied: “And what is Tustur, I have missed my morning prayer.”Despite having the most legitimate excuse in the world, he still felt bad nevertheless.

The Age we live.

But when I looked around me, I see Muslims lacking a profound love for prayer. We do want to be as pious as we can. We do long for memorisation of the Qur’an. We do wish to pray during the night, tremble and shiver when we are reminded of the Judgement Day. But yet, how far are we from the transformative prayers of our ancients. This is why I asked God the Most Great to help me to revive our Divine Connections through this prayer course.

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Sulayman Van Ael

About the Author

Sulayman Van Ael

Sulayman converted to Islam when he was 18. He then head out for Sudan to memorize the Quran. He has been authorised to teach and pass on the 14 Quranic recitations (qira'at), he studied in many different countries with with more than 50 different mashayikh. He was appointed as a khadim and mua'zzin with the task of imam and Khateeb by the Ministry of Islamic affairs of Jordan. He was a lecturer at the Rotterdam University, Erasmus High school and was appointed as the head of Teachers by the Muslim Executive. He has his Bachelor in theology, and Pre-Master (theory) in mental health, and is a Muslim Chaplain at London school of Economics, Imperial University and SOAS University.

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