Angels thinking about you

Subhan Allah. Even though we are distracted throughout our lives, we still have the angels calling us to come to Allah s.w.t. This is a favor that the kind Lord gave us. These angels never give up, day after day they remind us. Let this be a lesson for us, so that we too would remind people day after day without getting fed up with it. Driven by love and devotion.

Sulayman Van Ael

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Sulayman Van Ael

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Sulayman Van Ael

Sulayman converted to Islam when he was 18. He then head out for Sudan to memorize the Quran. He studied in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Morocco, Belgium and Holland with more 50 different mashayikh. He was a professor at the Rotterdam University, Erasmus High school and was appointed as the head of Teachers by the Muslim Executive. He has his Bachelor in theology, Master (theory) in mental health, and is a counselor at London school of Economics, Imperial University and SOAS University. He is working on a video-library with more than 100 different topics and he wrote about 400 books which are being translated into English for the moment. We ask Allah to bless the life of Ustadh Sulayman and all of us, amin.

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  • Hassan Moe says:

    SubhanAllah. You know whenever i see a bird, i am reminded. And in their beauty and in their groups, in their hymns of praise and in their calling out to each other when they have found what they are looking for. And the delicate ones, how little it takes to shy them away..

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